Calendar of Events 




 MAY 6:   Happy Mothers' Day!  -- Come and make your special mom, grandma or aunt a bouquet of beautiful flowers and decorate a vase to hold them. 10:00am  

 MAY 13:   Marble Painting  -- This no mess version of marbled painting is quick and easy to make and the children will LOVE it! 10:00am 

MAY 20:  Recycled Sun Catcher  -- Using recycled containers and tissue paper, we will create vibrant sun catchers that can brighten any room. 10:00am  

MAY 27:  Rolling Pin Painting  -- We will be using rolling pins and foam stickers to make fun prints with paint on long paper. 10:00am  


 APRIL 1:   Carp Windsock  -- We will be using recycled Tyvek envelopes to make colorful wind socks that can really fly! 10:00am  


 APRIL 8:   Wind Chimes  -- Catch the spring breezes with these recycled keys and other household items. 10:00am 

 APRIL 15:   Sprout a Pet  -- Come make your very own critter from grass seed! Take it home, nurture it and watch it grow! 10:00am  

 APRIL 22:   Closed for spring break and Easter holiday.  

 APRIL 29:   Herd of Eggimals  -- We will be giving plastic eggs an adorable second life as a variety of cute little animals. 10:00am  



 MARCH 18:   Bird Nest and Chicks  -- Come and creat a little nest using items a real bird may use for their nest. Finish it off with cute little chicks to go in the nest. 10:00am  

 MARCH 25:   Flubber  -- We will be making fun squishy flubber! This is a little messy, so dress for the mess!. 10:00am






Come join us every Friday this month (apart from 11/26) for open play in our age appropriate classroom and fun outdoor playground. Take-home activities will be back soon! 


 OCTOBER 8:   Weaving Boards  -- Come and  make a fun weaving/ lacing board that you can take with you wherever you go. 10:00am

 OCTOBER 15:   Pantry Letters  -- Whether you are writing your name or just practicing the alphabet, you will have fun gluing various objects to make letters and words. 10:00am  

  OCTOBER 22:   Ghosts  -- We will be using recycled CDs and tissue paper to make friendly ghosts. 10:00am

 OCTOBER 29:   Pumpkins  -- Come ready to get messy! We will be weighing, measuring and carving pumpkins. 10:00am 



 SEPTEMBER 17:   Treasure Boxes  -- We will be painting wooden treasure boxes to keep all your little ones' little treasures. May get messy - we will be painting with acrylic paint. 10:00am

 SEPTEMBER 24:   Wall Hanging  -- Come and create your own cloth wall hanging. We will be using acrylic paint again this week, so it may be messy - but beautiful! 10:00am 



 AUGUST 6:   Moon Sand  -- Come and make some moon sand that is fun to make and fun to play with! 10:00am

 AUGUST 13:   Sandy Hand Mosaic  -- Make your own personalized hand or footprint work of art using plaster of paris, sand and treasures from the beach! 10:00am

AUGUST 20:  Ocean in a Bottle    -- A science project that is also a fun art project! We will be using oil, glitter and water to make a fun wave bottle!  10:00am

AUGUST 27:  Sensory Book - Come design and make your own cool texture book!



 JUNE 4:   Bubble Mania  -- We will be exploring bubbles with some super bubble wands. Make some small and HUGE bubble wands to play with at the Family Center as well as at home! 10:00am

 JUNE 11:   Clothes Pin Fly  -- You won't want to shoo this fly away! We will be using recycled and inexpensive items to make a fun window decoration. 10:00am

JUNE 18:   Happy Fathers' Day!  --  Come and make a super cool and stylish Fathers' Day card for your special dad or grandfather.  10:00am

JUNE 25:  Closed



 MAY 7:   Happy Mothers' Day key chains and/ or bracelets  -- We are going to be making that special mom or grandma a keychain or bracelet to remind them how much we love them. 10:00am

 MAY 14:   Bookmarks  -- The children will design their own bookmark to save the place in their favorite books!  10:00am

MAY 21:   Pinwheels  --  Come and make your own pinwheel that will just take a little wind to get it spinning!  10:00am

MAY 28:  Geoboards --  We will be assembling a geoboard to take home for many more hours of fun! Geoboards are great tools for teaching spatial concepts to children, but they're also just plain fun!  10:00am



 APRIL 2:   CLOSED for Good Friday

 APRIL 9:   Tie-dye flowers and butterflies  -- Come and make fun spring decorations out of tie-dyed coffee filters!  10:00am

APRIL 16:   Windchimes  --  Catch the spring breezes with windchimes made from recycled keys.  10:00am

APRIL 23:  Playdough --  Dye playdough in your favorite color and take it home for hours of fun!  10:00am

APRIL 30Kites--  Come and make cool kites that really fly! Test them out in our fabulous playground.  10:00am



MARCH 12:   Sewing with Shelf Liner  -- We will be doing really simple, yet FUN, sewing using basic sewing supplies and shelf liner. Good practice for little fingers!   10:00am

MARCH 19:   Homemade Finger Paint  --  Learn how to make your own finger-paint!  Kids can take this home to use for creative fun.  10:00am

MARCH 26:  Sprout a Pet --  Come make your very own critter from seed! Take it home, nurture it, and watch it grow!  10:00am



FEBRUARY 12:   Valentine Crafts  -- We will be making cards and other crafts for Valentine's Day.  10:00am

FEBRUARY 19:   Flubber  --  Come and have some fun with homemade, squishy flubber!  10:00am

FEBRUARY 26:  Pasta Necklaces --  Make your own colorful pasta necklace!  10:00am



JANUARY 8:   Pine Cone Feeders  -- We will be making a messy, yummy treat to take home and hang in the trees for your birds.  10:00am

JANUARY  15:   Soap Snowballs  --  Using Ivory soap and a small toy, we create soap snowballs--with a surprise for good bathers!  10:00am

JANUARY 22:  Pom Pom Snow People --  We can easily build a whole bunch of these no-melt snowmen, no matter what the weather is outside!  10:00am

JANUARY  29:  Sock Snow Folks --  We will create snow people from socks, bottles, and a few other crafty items.  A great way for kids to use their imaginations!  10:00am




December 4:   Festive Trees  -- We will be using paper and hole punches to make cute, festive paper trees.  A creative and fun activity for everyone!  10:00am

December 11:   Retro Ornaments  --  These simple yet sophisticated decorations are made from cardboard tubes and pipe cleaners.  10:00am

December 16:  Popcorn Ball Ornaments --  We will decorate popcorn balls using candy, sugar, and frosting to look like festive ornaments (or we may just eat them)!  10:00am

 December 23:  CLOSED



November 20:   Welcome to Our New Home!  -- We'll be exploring our new space. Please come and join us for fun and play! Note that the outdoor play area isn't open yet - we have a bit more arranging and mulching to do.

November 27:   Closed for Thanksgiving -- Enjoy the holiday! 



October 2:   Apple Printing  -- We will explore a new use for apples using different techniques to make prints on canvas bags and paper for your child to take home.  This may be a messy activity!  10:00am

October 9:   3-D Fall Trees  --  We will be using recycled materials and painting them to make a 3-D standing Fall tree.  10:00am

October 16:  Scarecrows --  Turn paper bags and a variety of other items into fun scarecrows!  10:00am

October 23:  Stained Glass Leaves and Mobiles --  Bring a collection of Autumn things (or use ours) and we will make them into stained glass windows or mobiles.   10:00am

October 30:   --  Pumpkins!  We will be exploring pumpkins by weighing, measuring, and carving them!  10:00am



September 4:   Rock Painting  -- Turn a pile of stones into ornamental artwork that will spruce up a garden bed, potted plant, or window sill.  10:00am

September 11:   Reflective Yard Signs  --  By day, these plaques will add color and a decorative touch to your yard.  At night, the sign will shine when beams of approaching headlights bounch off the reflective-tape moon and stars.  10:00am

September 18:  Pipe Cleaner Critters --  Turn pom-poms and pipe cleaners into silly-looking spiders, monkeys, and other fun critters!  10:00am

September 25:  Musical Instruments --  Come and use a variety of recycled items to make your very own musical instrument!  10:00am



August 7:   Visor Hats  -- Keep the sun out of your eyes!  Add charm and flare to a colorful foam visor to make it your own10:00am

August 14:   Stepping Stones  --  Come create and decorate a beautiful, small stepping stone for your yard or garden.  10:00am

August 21:  Bookmarks and Door Hangers  --  More foam fun!  You can make a bookmark or door hanger using lots of different foam materials.  10:00am

August 28:  Personalized Totes  --  Decorate  your very own small tote to carry all those special treasures!  10:00am


 ** JULY**

July 3:  CLOSED for holiday

July 10:   Chime Bracelets  --  Made with shells and lightweight trinkets, these bracelets are fun to make and wear!  10:00am

July 11 and 12:   ***  Come out and help us improve our outdoor play area!!  ***

July 17:   Sharpie Marker T-shirts  --  BRING YOUR OWN T-SHIRT, PLEASE!  Using sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol, we will be making fun designs on your shirt.  10:00am

July 24:  Hydro Bracelets  --  We'll use water, tubing, and fun fillers to craft an easy and fun bracelet.  10:00am

 July 31:  Tie Dye Shirts  --  BRING YOUR OWN PLAIN T-SHIRT, PLEASE!  Come and have super fun making tie dye shirts.  Be sure to dress for the mess too!!  10:00am


** JUNE **

June 5:  Alphabet Fishing Game  --  Come and make a super fun alphabet match fishing game!  10:00am

June 12:   Chalk Paint  --  We will be making FUN chalk paint and painting with it outside.  This is a messy activity so dress for the mess!  10:00am

June 19:   Happy Father's Day  --  Come and make a sand bottle gift and a card for Dad or Grandpa.  10:00am

June 26:  Ocean in a Bottle  --  Create your very own ocean waves in a plastic soda bottle. You can bring your own treasures from the beach to add to the bottle if you would like. 10:00am


** MAY **

May 1:  Sock Puppets  --  Looking for something to do with those mysterious single socks?  We will be making creative easy animal puppets.   (This craft is rescheduled from April 17th)  10:00am

May 8:   Happy Mother’s Day!  --  We will be decorating glass vases and making beautiful tissue paper flowers for that special mom or grandma.   10:00am

May 15:  Texture Book  --  We will be making a fun texture book that your child will enjoy time and time again.  10:00am

 May 22:  Homemade Chalk  --  We will be making homemade chalk to take home and playing with some chalk that has already been made10:00am

 May 29:  Outdoor Spray Painting  --  Come and enjoy the outdoors and have some fun spray painting on paper hung around our playground.  10:00am


** APRIL **

 April 3:  Flubber   --  Fun and easy recipe the kids will love!  This is a silly putty-like recipe that is also a great science experiment.   10:00am

April 10A Herd of Eggimals  --  We will give plastic eggs a second life as an owl, skunk, dog, cat, pig, or mouse.   10:00am


April 24Kites  --  We will make a fun and functional kite--and hopefully get a chance to fly it too!   10:00am


** MARCH **

 March 6:  Bird Feeders   --  There will be a variety of materials to make a fun and useful bird feeder.  (This craft is rescheduled from February 6th).   10:00am

March 13Recycle Creatures  --  We will be raiding the recycling bin to make fun and creative creatures!   10:00am

March 20:  SPRING! Whirly Bottles  --  Watch the wind take a spin through your backyard with a homemade whirligig!   10:00am

March 27:  Mosaics  --  We will be using paper squares, paper plates and our imaginations to create a unique mosaic.  10:00am



February 6:  CANCELLED

February 13:  Valentine Creations  --  We will be making fun Valentines for your special someone.   10:00am

February 20:   Frozen Treasures Dig  --  We will be "digging" through frozen water for treasures as we watch the ice melt and try to figure out how to get the "treasures" out.   10:00am

February 27:  Oatmeal Clay  --  A sturdy, nubby dough that provides hours of smushing and sculpting. It dries rock hard overnight. Great fun!   10:00am



January 22:  Fo Sho and Tell: Children's art exhibit at Monkey Bottom Studios.  4:00pm - 7:30pm